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Debt Collection | DebtCollectionGlobal

Amicable collection

Performed by trained onsite agents, in accordance with the highest standards and ethics, with proven success rate. Amicable collection is held in the atmosphere that supports maintaining good relations with business partners and leaves space for future cooperation.

Judicial collection

Sometimes amicable collection is not enough, or even not possible. This is when having a trusted lawyer specialized in debt recovery comes in handy. Our lawyers speak English and are here to make the procedure as clear as possible for you.

Debt collection - step by step

See how easy it is
Step 1

Log in to Your account

Step 2

Choose „ Place Your Order” and „Debt Collection

Step 3

Fill in the details of Your claim. Our system will guide You through the whole process

Step 4

Wait for an e-mail confirming the success fee

Step 5

And that’s it - Your claim is being handled by experts in debt collection.

Our partners

We cooperate with trusted and verified partners around the world

We use knowledge about local business and legal conditions

We take responsibility for our partners actions as if they were our own

Działania prewencyjne

Personal Data Protection

We are all about safety of the data processed by EULEO and by our partners. That is why all cases are proceeded according to personal data protection regulations, especially GDPR.

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